Price list

The price list outlined is just a guide. A full treatment plan and estimate will be provided, by the treating dentist to the patient at the time of the consultation.

General Dentistry

New patient examination (X-rays included)
Routine examination
Child examination (Accepted with registered parents only* Includes fluoride application and X-rays if required, Under 4 years free)
From £35
Examination for 16 to 17 years (X-rays Included)
Emergency appointment (X-rays Included)
Radiographs (per X-ray)
From £139

Dental Hygiene (Scale & Polish)

New patient direct access hygiene appointment (45 mins)
Routine hygiene appointment (30 mins)
Periodontal treatment (40 mins)
Airflow hygiene appointment
Additional £45
Guided Biofilm Therapy
From £145

Teeth Whitening (home kit)

Free whitening consultation (15 mins)

Teeth whitening
Extra whitening gel/ tube
*Teeth whitening sundries at extra cost (please enquire)

Restorative Work

Ceramic Crown
Gold crown (High gold content)
Ceramic Veneer
Onlay/ Inlay
From £575
Recement Veneer/ Crown/ Bridge
Amalgam (Silver filling)
From £99
Composite (White filling)
From £129
Temporary filling
Composite bonding / Composite veneer
From £195
Digitally designed composite bonding/ Composite veneer
From £350


Wisdom Tooth
Orthodontic tooth exposure (with gold chain)

Endodontics / Root Canal Treatment

RCT Consultation (X-rays included)
Front tooth
Back tooth
Re-root canal treatment (Front tooth)
Re-root canal treatment (Back tooth)
Fractured post / instrument removal


Acrylic dentures
From £875
Cobalt-Chrome (Metal) dentures
From £1350
VALPLAST (Flexible) dentures
From £975
EnigmaLife teeth (aesthetic and natural looking teeth) are used

Dental Implants (Nobel BioCare)

Implant Consultation (X-rays included)
Referred out
Single Implant & Crown
From £2550
Implant bridge
Full arch Implant supported bridge or denture
Guided bone regeneration (GBR) per site
From £550
Socket grafting per site


Free 15 mins chat
Invisalign consultation (Includes 3D scan and clincheck)
Invisalign Go
Invisalign Plus
Vivera retainers
From £450
Essix retainers
From £120
*If you go ahead with Invisalign treatment, consultation fee will be deducted from the treatment price

Facial Aesthetics

Anti-wrinkle treatments

1 area
From £135
2 areas
From £185
3 areas
From £235
Additional areas
From £45
Reduction of high smile line
Botox for treating TMD, headaches due to

TMD/ Clenching/ Grinding

Dermal fillers
From £180*
*Dependent on the type and amount of filler needed. To be discussed at initial consultation.