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Research finds that dental anxiety can affect health

According to new research, nearly half (44%) of people surveyed experience some form of anxiety ahead of dental appointments, with 76% of these deferring their visit completely.

This research uncovered that the fear often starts early in childhood, and remains with people throughout their lives.

Nearly 66% of people with dental anxiety report having a family member with a similar fear, and of these, around 36% say it has negatively influenced them.

As a result, around 20% of those surveyed delayed taking their children for checkups, with 38% of parents reporting nervousness in their kids.

When asked what would put them at ease, 34% of respondents said that they would feel calmer in the presence of staff with expertise in reassuring anxious patients. A quarter of those surveyed stated they would welcome soothing music, whilst 22% suggested a cosier and less clinical environment.

According to healthcare psychologist Ad de Jongh, much of this dread can be related to a feeling of powerlessness and the loss of control. For older patients who grew up in the postwar years, with sweet foods and drinks, there is evidence to suggest that the ignorance about their impact and a lack of dental anaesthetics created a culture of fear.

Failure to get teeth checked, however, can lead to toothaches, decay and even tooth loss. In extreme situations, 13% of respondents claimed to have treated themselves, of whom 20% even resorted to extracting their own teeth.

This is why you should always receive professional dental care. Whether you need dental implants in Chester or an emergency check-up, Art of Dental Care provides a friendly, comforting environment in which to feel at ease.